Pool Heating

Extend your summer!  Getting the most out of your Pool, means keeping the pool at a swimmable temperature.  Extending your Swimming Season is easy.  Aquanort Pools can help you extend your swimming season over the shoulder periods of spring and autumn.

Installing the right Heating System for your Swimming Pool can extend your Swimming Season by up to 3 months!
There are two main heating options to choose from:
Solar Pool Heating:
Uses the sun’s natural energy to heat your pool
Heat Pump:
Uses electricity – extracts heat from the surrounding air and intensifies it to your pool.

Zane Gulfpanel Solar Pool Heating

Aquanort Pools are the Zane Solar Pool Heating Authorised Dealer for Marlborough.

The principles of Solar Heating are very simple.  Imagine a garden hose that’s been lying in the sun for a few hours.  When you turn on the tap, out comes hot water.  In this case the hose acted like a solar collector.  Solar Pool Heating acts in much the same way, collecting the heat from the sun, warming water and distributing it to the Pool.  Combined with a Pool Cover, Solar Heating can increase the Summer Season by up to 3 months.  It will also increase the quality of your swim during the swimming season.

Zane Solar Pool Heating harnesses the free energy from the sun via Pool Solar custom designed Gulfpanels strategically installed on your roof.  The heated water is returned to the pool to create beautiful warm water enabling you to spend more time relaxing or exercising in the Pool.
solar heating

ElectroHeat Heat Pumps

ElectroHeat Heat Pumps
Hotwater Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools can extend the season or you can swim all year round!

Getting the most out of your Pool means keeping the pool at a swimmable temperature for the maximum number of hours in each day and the maximum number of days in each year. A Heat Pump will economically keep your Pool warm 24 hours a day.
Heat Pumps extract heat from the surrounding air, intensify it and then transfer it to your Swimming Pool.  Electro Heat Pumps will heat your Pool when the ambient air is above 0 degrees celcius.
Electro Heat Pumps are an energy efficient way to heat your Pool and extend your Swimming season.
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Since 1964, the Norton name has been synonymous with some of the most talked about swimming pools in Marlborough. Our knowledge and skills have passed on through generations in all areas of Full Design, Construction, Tiling, Paving, Piping and Filtration Work right through to Water Treatment, Water Balance and After Sales Service. 

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